Rainbow Six Siege Is an Unstoppable Success: Over 50 Million Users

Rainbow Six Siege

Thanks to the constant contribution of unpublished content (not least, the Amaru and Goyo Operators) and to an eSport scene among the most active in the entire sector, Ubisoft’s tactical shooter continues to attract a surprising number of enthusiasts: Rainbow Six Siege has indeed reached and exceeded 50 million users.

Through the pages of their official Twitter channel, the authors of the Ubisoft Canadian subsidiary celebrate this important milestone with all those who have contributed to achieving this result, that is, with FPS multiplayer fans who continue to fight each other on the R6S servers.

At the presentation of the financial results of the last fiscal year, which ended on March 31st 2019, the UBI top management also expressed their satisfaction for having generated from the launch of Rainbow Six Siege about 1.12 billion dollars , a figure that, at the current exchange rate, it is just over one billion euros . From May this year to date, the total number of users has grown by as much as 5 million, going from 45 to 50 million, reflecting the commitment made by the transalpine gaming giant in supporting the title with the launch of the third season and Operation Ember Rise. Even journalist and insider Daniel Ahmad highlights this fact, retracing the steps of this ride to define Siege as one of the most beautiful success stories of this generation.

The inexhaustible attractiveness of R6S is, therefore, giving Ubisoft Montreal’s authors the opportunity to expand the game universe through a very rich support plan that will extend to the launch of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, continuing also on next-gen with new content that, unless surprises, should not include a singleplayer mode.