The Future as a Publisher of Double Fine Is in Doubt After the Acquisition by Microsoft


Among the numerous studies acquired by Microsoft in the last year and a half, there is also Double Fine Productions, a historic software house founded in 2000 in San Francisco by Tim Schafer, one of the videogame industry veterans.

Despite having become part of the Redmond stable , Double Fine is continuing work on Psychonauts 2 without any change on the roadmap: the highly anticipated follow-up to the adventures of Raz will also be released on PlayStation 4, and not only on Xbox One and PC like all Microsoft exclusives. What will happen instead to the company’s commitment as a publisher ?

For several years, in addition to developing its own IPs, Schafer & Co have also been involved in publishing games for other independent studios – such as Gang Beasts, GNOG, Knights and Bikes and Escape Goat 2 – through the Double Fine Presents label. Will they continue to do so in the coming years? Tim Schafer does not know it at the moment. In an interview granted to Destructoid colleagues, he stated: “At the moment it is not clear how Double Fine will evolve. It makes no sense to continue the work as a publisher in the same way if the platforms are limited. From a business point of view, I don’t know if it would be wise to have a publisher inside another publisher”.

As far as development is concerned, last month Double Fine and Microsoft said they were open to the idea of creating other multi-platform games.