The New Key Art of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Re-Imagines the Original One

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Re-Imagine

Exactly 22 years have passed since that September 7, 1997, the day when Final Fantasy 7 was launched in North America. To celebrate the anniversary, Square Enix has well thought of giving a small gift to the fans by recreating the most iconic artwork of the original game with the artistic style of the Remake coming out next year.

We are talking about the famous image that shows the protagonist Cloud from behind, with his huge sword in plain sight, while facing Shinra’s headquarters. “On September 7, 1997, we released Final Fantasy 7 in North America. To celebrate the anniversary we recreated the most iconic artwork in the original game, and now we are just under 6 months from the launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake!”, reads the company’s tweet. On top of this news, find the original artwork, while the new version appears below. What do you think? Do you like the way it was reinterpreted?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we remember, is expected for March 2020 exclusively on PlayStation 4. Expect new information on the game between 12 and 15 September, the days when the Tokyo Game Show 2019 will take place. During the largest Japanese fair, Square Enix intends to show the Shinra characters for the first time.