The Surge 2: The New Gameplay Video Shows the Combat System With Dismemberments


Returning from nearby Cologne and the Gamescom 2019 stands, Deck13’s German authors pack a new video of The Surge 2 focusing on the importance of dismemberments in the combat system.

By freely exploring the dystopic sci-fi settings of Jericho City, our intrepid alter-ego will be able to acquire skills, cybernetic grafts, equipment and upgrades of various kinds through the destruction of enemies who dare to hinder their progress.

To get the better of these demons of metal and silicon , the hero of The Surge 2 will have to appeal to all his anger to dismember the limbs and the electronic components of the adversaries to obtain the necessary parts to guarantee him the progression of the levels of experience and, with them, access to new enhancements.

As we can see in the new gameplay trailer, the combat system will be one of the elements on which the greatest number of innovations, additions, and optimizations will be concentrated with respect to the previous chapter: in addition to the aforementioned dismemberments, among the innovations we will experience there will be directional parades, techniques based on the use of drones and the rolological management of energy, stamina, ammunition and health level.

The launch of The Surge 2 is scheduled for September 24 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you are passionate about soulslike action and want to discover the gameplay and content novelties that will outline the next Deck13 blockbuster, we can only advise you to read our special on The Surge 2 from Gamescom 2019.