Xbox Live, Other Disruptions in the Night: Impossible to Play Gears 5 and NBA 2k20

Xbox Live

It’s not one of the most flourishing periods for Xbox Live. The home service from Microsoft, which has always been recognized as one of the most reliable on the market, has experienced more than a disservice in recent times.

After the problems of 28 and 31, last night users again had difficulty accessing online services from their Xbox One. The first reports arrived around two in the morning, and fortunately, Microsoft immediately got to work to resolve the situation. The technicians of the Redmond house, in any case, took almost four hours to get everything back to normal. Most of the Italian players, probably, didn’t notice anything at all given the time, but the inefficiencies have certainly ruined the evening of the overseas users who wanted to play the titles just arrived on the market, Gears 5 and NBA 2K20 overall. We remind you that you can monitor the service in real-time by consulting the Xbox Live status page.

The frequency with which these service interruptions are occurring is not exactly a nice business card for Microsoft, which we hope has finally found a definitive solution to the problem. In a few days, 10 September, Gears 5 will be officially launched on the market, and there will be plenty of them crowding the servers. At the moment, remember, access to the game is restricted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and Ultimate Edition buyers only.