Zelda Link’s Awakening for Switch: New Game Scenes From Japanese TV Spots

Zelda Link's Awakening

Take charge of the latest Nintendo Direct and its announcements, the editors of Nintendo’s social channels set in motion the promotional machine that will accompany the launch of Zelda Link’s Awakening on Switch to give us two Japanese TV spots full of gameplay scenes.

From the encounter with the sweet Marin after the sinking of Link on the mysterious island of Koholint to the daring escape from a “biting” Categnaccio guarding the entrance of a dungeon, promotional films made by the Great N offer us a glimpse of the incredible experience game that awaits us in the remake of the great Game Boy classic.

Among old knowledge and new features that will pass through the complete reformulation of the graphic sector, those who have faced the challenges of the 1993 masterpiece will have the opportunity to experiment with the dungeon editor, a system that will allow users to create their own “custom castles” choosing the layout of the rooms, the environmental puzzles to solve, the enemies to face and the final boss to fight to test their skills.

The release of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is scheduled for September 20 exclusively on Nintendo Switch and, the next day, on Nintendo Switch Lite. Those who will pre-order the next Eiji Aonuma blockbuster digitally will receive Gold Points doubled for a total of 6 euros.