Need for Speed ​​Heat: will the driving model be realistic? It discusses Ghost Games

Need for Speed ​​Heat

Back from Gamescom 2019, the developers of Ghost Games go back to work to illustrate the challenges faced in shaping Need For Speed ​​Heat and its driving model which, according to Swedish authors, will be able to offer an experience racing fun and, as far as possible, realistic.

From the pages of the official NFS website , the authors of Ghost Games explain to us that “the arcade approach of the Need for Speed ​​series has always been very well received by most of our audience, but we wanted to move things a bit to allow enthusiasts to set up and modify their cars in a more detailed and authentic way, which will allow each vehicle to have its own asymmetrical and ‘not optimal’ driving configuration, so that it is fun to drive. you can mount an extremely powerful engine while maintaining standard tires, and you will notice it in the driving model”.

Thanks to the freedom of choice offered to users in setting up their racing cars, report the Swedish developers, “everyone will be able to experience a deeper driving model even in stock configurations, which more experienced players might find too easy or ‘arcade’. NFS Heat will go towards more realistic handling in grip or drift, depending on the preferred style of play. These changes will allow the more experienced and dedicated players to be able to drive the car of their dreams, modify it to make it adhere to their own tastes and launching themselves in pursuit of their adversaries to tear down those who, perhaps, decide to settle for stock processing”.

To find out how far the authors of the Swedish Electronic Arts subsidiary will go with the realism of the Need for Speed ​​Heat driving model, we just have to wait until November 8 to leave for Palm City with the launch of the new EA racing game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, on these pages, you can always watch our 4K gameplay video from Gamescom.