Darksiders Genesis: The New Gameplay Video Shows the Skills and Powers of War

Darksiders Genesis

Guerra, the youngest (but by no means the least lethal) Knight of the Apocalypse, unleashes his anger against the hordes of demons led by Lucifer in a new gameplay video of Darksiders Genesis, the spin-off of the realist action series born from the pencil by Joe Madureira.

As the fans of role-playing games who have faced the challenges offered by the first chapter of this fantasy saga will already know, the character of Guerra can boast an extremely rich range of arcane abilities and powers. In Darksiders Genesis, the infinite experience from which he will be able to draw will allow him to turn any clash to his advantage thanks to the use of devastating melee attacks.

Thanks to the work accomplished by Airship Syndicate, the new Texan development house founded and directed by Madureira himself, to counterbalance the heaviness and the “slowness” of the shots launched by Guerra we will find the second Knight of the Apocalypse interpretable, Conflict, and its strategy based entirely on the speed of execution of movements, attacks, and magical abilities.