Death Stranding: New Clarifications on the Choice of Difficulty Level and Dubbing


Not content with the media hype aroused by his original comparison between Death Stranding and a banana (!!!), Hideo Kojima returns to discuss the difficulty levels of his PS4 sci-fi blockbuster and reveals new details on the choice of language (and subtitles) in dubbing.

After honoring Keanu Reeves, Metal Gear’s father returned to twittering on his Twitter profiles to report that “the Japanese version of Death Stranding will have a dubbing in both Japanese and English. It will be possible to set or change the dubbing language in the title screen and in the save menu. There will also be English subtitles to ensure that foreigners living in Japan can play the JPN version safely”.

The other aspect on which Hideo Kojima focused on concerns the levels of difficulty of Death Stranding and the options that will be made available to users: according to the boss of Kojima Productions, in fact, “the difficulty level can be set at any time of the match, but will only become effective once a save point is reached “ .

Death Stranding will be available starting November 8th exclusively (perhaps only temporally?) On PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. During the Tokyo Game Show 2019 which will be held from September 12th to 15th, however, there will be two gameplay sessions of Death Stranding that will help us understand the complicated narrative and playful dynamics of Kojima’s sci-fi kolossal.