Marvel’s Avengers Presents Hulk: Among Its Weapons, Rage, Boulders and … Opponents!


After giving us a detailed description of Captain America’s fighting style, Crystal Dynamics is ready to offer us information on what will be the potential of Hulk during the fights in Marvel’s Avengers.

To describe the characteristics of the green and mighty Avenger is Vince Napoli, Lead Combat Designer of the game, who has entrusted his words to the tweets of the game’s official Twitter account. Through the social network, we are told that to use Hulk it will be essential “to control and use his anger “.

Naples confirms that the Marvel hero is essentially unstoppable when he is furious, and adds: “Hulk is not only able to destroy and use his environment in different ways, from throwing boulders among groups of enemies and wielding giant slabs of rocklike an impressive demolition ball, he is also able to use the same opponents as weapons “. In fact, continues Vince Napoli, grab the enemies” completely changes the Hulk move-set, giving him access to a whole new set of abilities and attacks . “to get an idea of how the alter ego Bruce Banner behaves once in action, you can take a look at the video clip devoted published from your Twitter Marvel’s Avengers: find it at the bottom.

in closing, we remind you that the character was recently presented with a short trailer of Marvel’s Avengers dedicated to Hulk.