Ori and the Blind Forest for Switch: Details on Xbox Achievement, Resolution and Framerate

Ori and the Blind Forest

A few weeks after the expected debut on Nintendo Switch, Moon Studios has unveiled various technical information on the porting of Ori and the Blind Forest.

Exactly like Cuphead, another product of Microsoft landed on the hybrid, Ori will also support Xbox Live and, consequently, Achievement. The players who have already unlocked them on other platforms, in any case, will not be able to import them into the new version for a precise choice of Moon Studios, which after some research has found that most of those intending to buy it back on Switch prefer to unlock them again while they replay it.

As far as the technical sector is concerned, the developers did not compromise. On Switch, the title will have the same visual rendering as the other platforms and will run at 1080/60 fps in home mode and at 720p / 60 fps in portable mode. In this regard, the team said that “it took more than 2000 builds of the game, several years of optimization, crazy modifications to the proprietary engine and a lot of automation to make sure everything was perfect”. Finally, we report that the title will weigh 4 GB on the hybrid. In greeting you, we remind you that Ori and the Blind Forest will be released on Nintendo Switch on September 27th.