Pokemon Sword and Shield present the League Card: a business card for Allentori

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Inside Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Trainers will have the opportunity to create and customize their own League Card: here are all the details.

In the two new chapters of the beloved Game Freak series, players will have a sort of virtual business card, which can also be exchanged with other users. To give shape to our Pokemon League Card, you will need to go to a ” Rotomina terminal ” and access the CreaCard function. Every detail of the document can be customized: for example, different frames and backgrounds will be available and our videogame alter ego can take various poses and expressions.

Players will be able to choose to exchange their Lega Card with other Coaches: in this way, during the Lotte in Link, the latter will be displayed just like a business card. Similarly, within Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, we will be able to receive Cards created by other players, which will be collected in a special album. At the bottom of this news, you can find several dedicated images: what do you think of this feature?

In closing, we remind you that Game Freak has recently announced the presence of the Pokecampeggio mechanics in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In the Galar Region, we will also find different versions of Alcremie.