PS4 and PlayStation VR: A Video Shows the Best Games Available and Those Coming

PS4 and PlayStation VR

Do not pay for the surprise represented by the launch of the economic series Only on PlayStation, the top management of Sony launches the promotional campaign “Live the Game” to celebrate the success of PlayStation VR with a video on the best games available and those coming.

The trailer packaged by the curators of the official PlayStation Europe YouTube channel opens a window on the kaleidoscopic multiverse of experiences to be experienced in virtual reality on PS4, with sci-fi dreams like No Man’s Sky Beyond or Wolfenstein Cyberpilot and thrilling adventures like Blood & Truth or Five Nights at Freddie’s VR.

Of particular interest to the owners of PSVR and those who intend to equip themselves with the Sony, wonder helmet is the part of the video dedicated entirely to virtual reality video games destined to land on the Black Monolith over the next few months. The two projects chosen by the Japanese videogame giant to represent the good that awaits us soon on PlayStation VR are Paper Beast, the new VR game of the father of Another World, and Iron Man VR, the subjective action dedicated to the most beloved Avenger ( and egocentric) of the pantheon of superheroes Marvel.