PS5: The SSD Will Have an Incredible Impact on Performance and Immersion, for a Developer

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The details of the PlayStation 5 are not yet known, but players and professionals do nothing but talk about it. How can you blame him? The new Sony console, just like Xbox Scarlett, promises to raise the bar considerably in terms of graphic fidelity and content enjoyment.

One of the most appreciated features seems to be the SSD (solid-state disk), which will definitely replace the classic hard disk mounted by the current generation consoles. This technology will speed up game loads considerably – as many PC users have already had the opportunity to experiment by mounting them on their gaming machines in recent years.

Also, Tim Ash, developer of BoxFrog Games currently working on Lost Wing, spoke about the topic in an interview granted to GamingBolt colleagues. According to him, the players have not yet realized how important the SSD is. “In Lost Wing, there are many respawns (or better, there are when I play …) and therefore many reloads. Fortunately, in our game, the times are quite fast after the initial loading, but the advent of high-performance SSDs on PS5 it’s really big stuff with regards to performance and diving, more than people haven’t realized yet “.

Ash is not the only one who praised the SSD, as did the Remedy developers. After all, the architect Mark Cerny was clear from the beginning: for him, the SSD will be the key to the success of the PS5. By the way, even Xbox Scarlett will mount an SSD, so the developer’s opinions can also be extended to the Microsoft console.