Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: the Boss Rush mod updates with new arenas and 17 new challenges

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Launched in late July, the Boss Rush mod allows Sekiro Shadows Die Twice fans to break away from the events of the plot to devote themselves exclusively to boss battles from the From Software blockbuster. Thanks to the latest update, Boss Rush is enriched with new challenges and content.

The amateur programmer who worked on this wonderful project, known by the nickname of TheFifthMatt, has in fact launched the first major update for Boss Rush with the aim of improving the playful offer of the Wolf emulators who want to skip the story to go directly to boss challenges.

Thanks to the new version of Boss Rush, the TheFifthMatt mod gains as many as 17 additional battles with the miniboss faced during the main campaign, as well as several new arenas and a significant increase in the number and variety of objects to be acquired by beating these opponents. As for the challenges already available, even this time it will be up to the user alone to choose the miniboss with which to confront to obtain the consumable objects and the skills necessary for fighting with the grimmest enemies.

To download the Boss Rush mod of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, or to update the tools already installed on the PC, just follow the directions offered by the author through the NexusMods portal pages.