The Surge 2: New Gameplay Video About Clashes With Bosses of deck13’s Soulslike Sci-Fi

The Surge 2

Surviving the umpteenth ambush of Jericho City’s mechanical demons to bring us a video of The Surge 2’s dismemberment, the hero of Deck13’s new sci-fi adventure regains our pages to show us how he copes with the scary bosses of this ambitious soulslike action.

Accompanying us in this new video demonstration are the curators of the PlayStation Access YouTube channel, through which we can immerse ourselves in the dystopian atmospheres of The Surge 2 to get a taste of the brutality of boss battles.

As we can guess by scrolling through the gameplay scenes of the trailer that stands out at the beginning of the article, the experience gained by working on the past chapter has allowed German developers to evolve the mechanics of the combat system to the point of integrating a complex module for the management of roles and enhancing the abilities and equipment of our hero’s exoskeleton. All this in a riot of torn cybernetic limbs and electronic components dismembered from the metal and silicon body of the enemy of turn.

The latest game footage of The Surge 2 helps us to wait for the launch of the Deck13 open-world action, scheduled for September 24th on PC (strictly without the Denuvo DRM), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.