World of Warcraft Classic Has Suffered a DDoS Attack: Have the Perpetrators Discovered?

WOW Classic

There seems to be no peace for the player’s World of Warcraft Classic: after the launch problems due to overcrowding, which even forced the players to stand in line to fight against the bosses, on yesterday evening Blizzard was forced to face a DDoS attack which brought the game servers to their knees.

The attack began around 5:00 pm (GMT +2) on 7 September and continued for several hours. Blizzard Entertainment intervened promptly, but it took some time to restore normalcy. The last realm to be back online was Rattlegore, around 4:00 am (GMT +2) last night. At that point, in any case, the gaming plans of many users had already completely gone up in smoke.

The community was not completely idle during stop hours. Some fans claim to have found those responsible, who would hide behind the UkDrillas Twitter account. Half an hour before the attack they posted a warning message, announcing that soon the US servers would collapse … and so it was! The account in question appears to be suspended at the moment, while Blizzard has not yet issued an official statement on the matter.

DDoS ( Distributed Denial of Service ) computer attack, for the uninitiated, is carried out by storming a server or a site with the deliberate intention of exhausting its resources and making it unreachable. As far as World of Warcraft Classic is concerned, remember that it is accessible to all players with an active subscription to World of Warcraft.