20 Years of Dreamcast: Sega Announces a Celebratory Live on September 9th

20 Years of Dreamcast

On September 9, 1999, the SEGA Dreamcast landed in the United States, recording one of the best launches ever for a console in North America and anticipating about twelve months before the launch of the much-anticipated PlayStation 2. 20 years have passed and SEGA intends to celebrate this anniversary with a special live streaming.

Tonight at 19:00 (GMT +2) SEGA will broadcast a show dedicated to the 20 years since the launch of the Dreamcast in the United States, unfortunately the contents are not known but we can hypothesize that during the live we will see some of the games that made the history of the console, from Sonic Adventure to Power Stone, passing through Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Resident Evil Code Veronica and many others.

The Dreamcast ended its run early in 2001 when SEGA announced its withdrawal from the hardware market to become a publisher exclusively. The console has sold around ten million pieces worldwide, most of them in the US, where it was the most successful platform of Christmas 2000, managing to outperform both PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

Times far away but nevertheless well carved in the hearts of fans, who tonight will be able to celebrate the legend of the Dreamcast.