A Creepy Bug in Red Dead Online Doesn’t Make Undead Nightmare Regret

Creepy Bug in Red Dead Online

After the disturbing horror aspect of Undead Nightmare in the first Red Dead Redemption, there are those who also expect in the sequel to the masterpiece of Rockstar Games, a rather scary DLC. Some had even rumbled on a DLC of Red Dead Redemption 2 dedicated to aliens.

Unfortunately for the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any big news from this point of view in the game, yet if you want to take a nice scare, we probably have the video for you.

Reddit user has in fact discovered a unique bug in the game during his raids in Red Dead Online: as you can see from the video we show you at the bottom of the news, the player came across a very disturbing animal … devoid of skin.

The beast, probably a cat has to grown-up, or in any case, a feline, lay on the ground already skinned, to then get up suddenly and resume life, but without precisely its fur, a show that perhaps you would like to avoid, especially if you ate recently.

We do not know what happened to the poor animal (we probably would have set fire to the entire forest in which it was found), but waiting for any news on a Red Dead Redemption 2 horror DLC, unfortunately, at the moment, it’s up to settle for that passing the convent.

What do you think?

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