A Player Continues to Discover Disturbing Trivia About PT

Silent Hill

Silent Hills is certainly one of the greatest regrets for many gamers who would have strongly wanted the creature of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro to see the light. That wasn’t the case, but despite being removed from the stores, the PT demo continues to be surrounded by an almost magical aura.

So much so that some users still play there, and even a player is continuing to make rather disturbing discoveries thanks to some gimmicks. Lance McDonalds has indeed posted on Twitter some of the features he has managed to find, which give a good idea of ​​how crazy the project actually was.

The player in question found a way to keep the view fixed to his shoulders, making the game believe he was holding the R3 button and found that if you had the feeling that Lisa was constantly behind you, well … it’s because it was.

McDonald’s also managed to place a fixed camera at a point in the corridor, discovering the disturbing creature moving in a ghostly way right behind the player. And as if that wasn’t enough, the player said he had more material available, to be published later.

In short, although it was only a demo, the ideas used by Kojima and Toro for PT were really many, and this only adds to the regret for the fate of the game.