Borderlands 3: here’s how to get the first three Golden Keys

borderlands 3 golden keys

Are you anxiously waiting to get your hands on Borderlands 3? Then we invite you to take advantage of the very first SHiFT Code published by Gearbox and useful to unlock three different Golden Keys to get a good bit of rare loot.

For the uninitiated, the golden keys are used to open a special chest located in the game hub, so as to allow less fortunate players to have the possibility to add to their inventory weapons and accessories as powerful as they are rare.

Here is the code:


In order to add the three Golden Keys to your account, all you have to do is visit the official SHiFT website , log in to your account (or create one from scratch if you have never played one of the episodes in the series) and make sure to have connected the account of your reference platform, that is the one on which you will play Borderlands 3. Once on the site, you will have to paste the code in the empty text field at the top and click on the huge orange button with the word “Check”. At this point, you will be asked about which title and platform you want to apply these extra keys. So make sure not only to select Borderlands 3 but also the correct platform between PlayStation 4 (PSN), Xbox One (Xbox Live) or PC (Epic) based on your preferences.