Borderlands 3: Still No Copies for European Journalists, Reviews Delay

Borderlands 3

Despite missing really few days for the launch of Borderlands 3, the European sector press has not yet received a copy of the blockbuster Gearbox shooter: the reviews will consequently be delayed and will not be available in time for the marketing of the title.

Due to unspecified “security problems”, 2K representatives have in fact decided to send copies of Borderlands 3 exclusively to a limited number of sites and US videogame titles. As reported by the editors of, the 2K management would also have decided to take action to counter the spread of leaks caused by unauthorized copies that, as often happens in these cases, could end up on the market in advance or, worse still, be stolen from some of the many distribution centers that supply the most important video game chains.

The particular nature of the game as a Borderlands 3 service and its post-launch support, in any case, would have made it particularly difficult (not to say “useless”) to offer an exhaustive judgment on the titanic Gearbox Software project through a “simple” review to be published in coincidence with the release, which will be scheduled for September 13 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.