Control: Remedy Discusses the Importance of the Protagonist and Other Female Roles


Exchanging a chat with colleagues from OnlySP, Control’s Narrative Designer, Brooke Maggs, wanted to explore the plot aspects of Remedy’s paranormal action by focusing on the importance of female roles in the cast of characters of this ambitious Metroidvania.

Illustrating what the authors did as a follow-up story during Control ‘s drafting, Maggs said she was excited that “Jesse is the female protagonist of the game, but she is not the only woman in the Control world. I think that sometimes, while playing, we think of how fantastic it is that the main character is a woman, given that the world that surrounds her is still largely masculine, but throughout history other women like Emily Pope, Helen Marshall and Dr. Underhill in the Research sector”.

According to the author of Control, therefore, “it’s nice to see that there is more than one woman in those officials, especially considering that the Oldest House is largely run by men and has been for a long time. The sole presence of Jesse turns out to be contradictory in this masculine environment and this is evident both in the plot and in the clothing itself of the protagonist: everyone wears work clothes, while Jesse manifests his authority and his character wearing a leather jacket and jeans”.

What do you think of the statements by the author of Remedy? Have you also noticed these narrative nuances related to the presence of a female character or, conversely, do you think that there would have been no different with a male protagonist like in Alan Wake, Max Payne or Quantum Break?