Death Stranding: Kojima appreciates the fan made cover dedicated to the Child Bridge


Through his now-famous Twitter channels, Hideo Kojima publicly praises the efforts of a Death Stranding fan to create a fan-made cover dedicated to the mysterious Bambino Ponte of his sci-fi blockbuster.

The authors of this original retail version of Death Stranding, Brian Kaufhold and his girlfriend, have tried to reimagine the entire custody of the title to make the image of the Baby Bridge , the little one we need to protect in the role of Sam Bridges, appears transparently through the cover, thus giving the impression of being inside the capsule carried by our hero during the adventure. The same Kojima wanted to reward the commitment of his fans by using his social media channels in English and Japanese to “publicize” what Brian and his partner did.

According to some, on the other hand, the cover of Death Stranding is ugly and this has led many community users to create fan-made covers that highlight not only the main character Sam but also the other characters of dad’s post-apocalyptic adventure from Metal Gear, including the iconic Bridge Baby.

Before leaving any further comments to you about Brian Kaufhold’s project, we remind you that Death Stranding is destined to arrive on November 8th exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4. During the Tokyo Game Show to be held from 12 to 15 September, the boys of Kojima Productions have already planned the publication of new gameplay of Death Stranding.