Death Stranding: Offscreen Image and Details on Tgs! Kojima Ready for a New Project


Hideo Kojima , always very active on Twitter, has recently published on the social network a series of very interesting twitters: here are all the details.

First of all, the author offered the public some additional details on the presence of Kojima Productions at the Tokyo Game Show. We had already pointed out how in the program shared by the software house there were two Death Stranding gameaplay sessions: now, the author offers some information on what will be shown during the two events. During the first appointment, set for a Business Day of the fair and therefore not accessible to the general public, an entire sequence of gameplay of the game will be shown. From the latter, will be drawn the ” specific scenes ” that will be presented on September 14, Public Day of the TGS.

Through Twitter, Hideo Kojima also shared a new off-screen image dedicated to the Death Stranding universe. As in other previous shots, the protagonist of the scene is Sam Porter Bridges, this time portrayed while he is intent on observing a distant landscape. In the sky, instead, a peculiar ” inverted rainbow ” stands out, a phenomenon we had already observed in the trailer E3 2018 of Death Stranding.

Finally, in the chirps of Kojima, there is no lack of some early reflections on what will be the post-death stranding. In a twitter in English, which you find below, the author claims to be finishing the game and getting ready for the Tokyo Game Show, but inside we also find a fleeting reference to a ” next project “. As reported by Twinfinite, the Japanese Twitter account of the author offers more details about it, reporting ” planning and preparation ” linked to it. So it seems that Kojima is already ready and determined to get back to work after the publication of Death Stranding. Moreover, he reports in a further Tweet in Japanese, the author does not remember having ever taken long periods of vacation, just because there is always something ” next ”