Destiny Turns 5, the 6th Year of the Bungie Shooter Begins Today

Destiny 2: An Extra IRON

Exactly five years ago, on September 9th, 2014, Bungie and Activision released the first Destiny, a first-person shooter that immediately attracted the attention of all the fans of Halo creators.

Year after year the game has continued to evolve, proposing in addition to the annual expansions also a second chapter that will be updated just in a few weeks with the arrival of Ombre dal Profondo, whose September release date has been postponed a few days ago. However, it was not only the game that underwent profound changes over time, whose mechanics and contents continued to change to adapt to the will of the players and the trends of the period (see the arrival of the Battle Pass in Destiny 2), but also the software house, which for some months now has no connection with Activision and has full control over intellectual property. In short, in these five long years, there has been a lot of crude events and we are sure that the future will give the Guardians some other surprises, perhaps linked to the much talked about Darkness.

Did you know that Bungie has spread images of all Destiny 2 Shadow armor sets from the Deep? Among the shots in question, it is also possible to see the armor of the new Raid entitled Garden of Salvation, which sparked some controversy among Destiny 2 fans.

Happy 5 year anniversary to Destiny! from DestinyTheGame