Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Will Be as Faithful as Possible to the Anime According to the Producer


As we saw in the preview of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and in the various news releases so far, the RPG action of Bandai Namco dedicated to Goku and members seems to fully represent the world of the anime series that we have learned to appreciate over the years.

It can also be deduced from the inclusion of small gems like the one related to the driving school of Piccolo and Goku, for example, and this is obviously not a case. The producer Ryosuke Hara talked about it, revealing that the game aims to be extremely faithful to the original anime.

“The aim of the game was to be as faithful as possible to the Dragon Ball Z anime series so that the player can see the world through Goku’s eyes. So it’s a kind of action RPG where you can dive into the world of Dragon Ball Z, “ said Hara, who then continued:

“I think we will be able to meet the expectations of the players regarding the dynamic scenes, the battles, and the explosions. We were able to implement these scenes in a big way, but the strength of an RPG is also to tell the stories between the various battles and events, and I think this was the reason why we chose this genre: to tell the whole story from the beginning “.

What do you think of his statements? How long are you waiting for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?