Dreams: a Control enthusiast re-creates the Oldest House scenarios


One of the most talented creators of Dreams, the author of the cyberpunk Guardians project known as Disarmed, recreated the Control environments using the Media Molecule sandbox editor exclusively on PlayStation 4.

After experimenting with the Metroidvania challenges offered by Remedy’s latest, ambitious action, Disarmed carefully studied the particular architectural style of the Oldest House and was inspired by his most dystopian scenarios to create a microcosm that reflects the splendid settings explored by Jesse Faden.

The results obtained by Disarmed are the perfect example of the extreme flexibility offered by the Dreams editor and its development tools made available to all users who are participating in the current Early Access phase. The Dreams tools, moreover, are the same ones that the Media Molecule guys are using to shape the levels of the main campaign, destined to land on PS4 at the end of the Early Access phase.

Waiting to know the launch date of the update that will put an end to the Early Access, and that will be free for those who already own the game, we refer you to the video of the project dedicated to Control and a trailer that celebrates the latest levels created with the editor of Dreams.