Fortnite: Closed the Twitter Accounts of Many Leakers, That’s Why


If you are used to following the many Fortnite Battaglia Reale data miner on Twitter, you have surely noticed how many of these have been blocked in the last few hours. Unlike what one might think, however, it seems that these measures were not intended by Epic Games.

The mass closure of all these accounts seems to be due simply to a sort of whim of a group of users, who started to massively signal some of the most famous battle royale data miner, so that they immediately jumped to the attention of the social network light blue. It is therefore to exclude any kind of involvement of the developers in the affair since the relationships between Epic Games and the data miner seem to have returned to normal after the frictions of a few months ago. Among the most famous profiles among those blocked we also find ShiinaBR, while everything seems to be in order for the account of Lucas7yoshi, another famous data miner.

We also take this opportunity to remind you that the Fortnite x Caos challenges, published on the occasion of the launch of Borderlands 3, will be removed from the game in the next few hours and you, therefore, have only a short time to complete the latest challenges and redeem all the rewards, such as you it is also a cover for weapons and vehicles.