Fortnite: Tfue in Open Controversy with Former Comrades, Guilty of Having Abandoned It

Tfue in Open Controversy

It seems that Tfue is always ready to fight. This time it seems he has quarreled with his historic Fortnite partners: 72hrs and Cloak. Tfue, a few days ago tweeted that he was looking for a new trio ” that takes the competition seriously “.

The popular streamer explained that he had rejected the offer of $ 140,000 from EA to sponsor Madden 20 with some live (a practice now established among publishers) to play in the Fortnite Trio tournament, together with Cloak and 72hrs. At least, he thought so.

Unfortunately, he had not been informed that his teammates had willingly accepted the money to stream the new chapter of the EA sports car series.

Tfue even went so far as to say that his companions should have repaid him the money he had lost, in order to be able to play with them again. Cloak and 72hrs obviously responded in kind.

” If he is offered a lot of money to play Madden, why couldn’t he come to us and tell us: I have this agreement, should I do it? We would have said: sure, it’s a lot of money and money has been offered to us too .”

72hrs explained that he was unaware of the fact that Cloak had also been offered to stream Madden, but the deal would have been fine if all three players had accepted the offers made by EA.

” I was also willing to cancel the agreement – which is negative – to play in the tournament if he had suffered so much, ” concluded 72hrs. Similarly, Cloak argued against the others, explaining that it was the lack of communication that caused the disagreement between the three.

” Why are these guys telling me they cost $ 140,000? “, Said Lepore, ” I didn’t know about the deal. It didn’t cost him $ 140,000 .” Tfue’s decision was to refuse the money to bring Madden into live and, if he had discussed it with them, the problem would not have arisen.

” What an idiot you are to refuse 140,000? “, Concluded Cloak. ” It’s not my fault if you are an idiot. ” We are sure that the quarrel, especially in light of the vitriolic responses of Tfue’s teammates, will stand still for some time.