Gears 5: Reported Problems with Co-Op, VoIP and Chat, the Coalition at Work to Solve

Gears 5: The Coalition Unveils the Official Cover of the Game

Since late yesterday afternoon some players are experiencing problems with various online features of Gears 5 such as VoIP, chat, and Co-Op multiplayer, to which are added the matchmaking problems experienced over the weekend but promptly resolved by The Coalition.

The Canadian firm makes it known that it is working to solve all the reported problems, including crashes, lag, frequent disconnections and inability to save progress. Many bugs have already been fixed and the server-side problems partially solved by the development team, in the next few hours the company will continue to work to make sure that everything runs perfectly in view of the official launch scheduled for Tuesday 10 September.

Probably the early access scheduled for September 6 for a small group of players (pre-order of the Ultimate Edition and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers) also served to gather feedback and test the stability of the servers and online sector before the public launch.

The new game of The Coalition has been positively welcomed by the public and critics.