Graphics by Gears 5: Video Comparison Between the e3 2018 Demo and the Final Version

Will Gears 5 Have Open World Elements and Will It Shoot in 4K at 60fps With HDR?

While the community wonders if Gears 5 is the best Xbox One game or not, the YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits has tried to enrich the discussion among the fans of The Coalition shooter blockbuster by comparing in the video the final version of the new Gears of War with the E3 2018 demo.

What emerges in this interesting comparison are the differences represented by the use of a color palette with warmer tones and by the use, by Canadian developers led by Rod Fergusson, of a more “immersive” ambient and volumetric lighting system. Also in this video, it is then possible to notice changes to the polygonal model of the body and, above all, the face of certain characters.

From the video of announcement of E3 2018 to today, therefore, the North American subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios has done its utmost to make its vision of the open-world dimension of Sera with the titanic project of Gears 5, especially as regards the different settings that are the background to the missions of the Campaign with Kait as protagonist .

What do you think of this comparison video? Would you have preferred to play the “reveal version” of Gears 5 or do you think that the visual, artistic and graphic changes made by The Coalition went in the right direction? Let us know with a comment, but first, we remind you that the new Gears of War is already available on PC and Xbox One for buyers of the Ultimate Edition and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, while for all others we will have to wait until Tuesday 10 September.