GreedFall Will Not Be Protected with Denuvo, No DLC Plan and Mod Support


GreedFall arrives tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, for the occasion Focus Home Interactive and Spiders have unveiled new details related to post-launch support and the lack of presence of Denuvo on PC.

The developers have confirmed that the game will not be protected with Denuvo on PC, undoubtedly good news considering the many headaches generated by this DRM even on particularly high-performance configurations. The firm has also stated that it has no plans to support the game with DLC and expansions, this means that the version on sale tomorrow will, in fact, represent the complete and definitive experience of GreedFall.

Unfortunately the support for the mods will be absent, a motivation has not been provided but probably the will is to use resources in a new project instead of spending money and time to add new features, we remember in fact that Spiders is a rather small team and Focus Home Interactive a medium-sized publisher with resources not comparable to those of other large companies in the sector.

Confirmed instead 4K and HDR support since the launch on PC, PlayStation 4 / Xbox One S (HDR only), PlayStation 4 PRO and Xbox One X, reflecting the will to offer a complete game from every point of view, even under the technical profile.