GTA 5 Looks Like Another Game With the 4K Mods and Ray Tracing in Next-Gen Sauce


Regardless of the increasingly frequent rumors about GTA 6, the DubStepZz YouTuber continues to devour the digital asphalt of Los Santos to continue its video gameplay series of GTA 5 in 4K with Ray Tracing to offer us what, in his opinion, should represent the graphics of GTA 6 on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

In the last few months, the tireless creator of content that makes these famous movies has attracted the attention of the community and the trade press for the incredible level of detail achieved by his “next-gen version” of Grand Theft Auto V.

Despite the objective goodness and originality of a work supported by an enviable hardware configuration that boasts two Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti GPUs in SLI , YouTuber continues to be criticized by those who, rightly or not, consider its use of the ReShade tools of GTA 5 that simulates the effects of dynamic lighting in real-time of Ray Tracing technology .

Regardless of the level of realism and visual fidelity obtained by the author of these videos on GTA 5 in 4K, the experiments conducted by DubStepZz help us to understand how large the space can be creatively available to developers who will be challenged with the next-generation hardware, and this without considering the magnificent results achieved by authors such as Remedy with Control’s Ray Tracing features .