Kingdom Hearts 3: the DLC Re: Mind is presented in the second official trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3

As promised, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Re: Mind, the first narrative DLC of Kingdom Hearts 3.

The movie offers us a new taste of history, presenting the secondary characters that the trio of the protagonist will be able to meet, and show some brief excerpts of gameplay without revealing the official release date and/or the selling price. Look at yourself at the top of this news. Good vision!

RE: Mind will introduce “very familiar” realm to the historic fans of the saga, at least three playable characters (Roxas, Aqua and Riku), new boss battles (in some of them it will also be possible to switch from one character to another), a new form of Sora to master and a story that will allow us to learn more about some members of Organization XIII . Along with the DLC, a free update will also be published for everyone that will introduce new Keblade.

We take the opportunity to remind you that Kingdom Hearts 3 is available for purchase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: Square Enix has not yet provided details on a possible landing on PC.