Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: The Game Square Enix Is ​​9 Years Old!


The famous Kingdom Hearts saga now boasts a long history and a full body of chapters published, as well as a vast and passionate community of fans!

Among the games that make up the great universe of the Realm of Hearts, we find Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, which celebrates an important anniversary yesterday: the Square Enix title is in fact 9 years old! To remind us of the appointment is the official Twitter account of the Kingdom Hearts saga, through the twittering found at the bottom of this news. The greetings, specifically, are aimed at the western version of the game, published again in 2010, but a few months later than the Japanese debut.

Conceived as a prequel to the first Kingdom Hearts, Birth By Sleep takes the gamer to discard Sora’s role, to impersonate those of Aqua, Terra and Ventus instead. All three characters are playable and the choice of our videogame alter-ego will lead us to live different experiences and to observe the unraveling of the main story from a unique point of view. With the eyes of those who have chosen to discover the game world during your first trip to Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep?

This chapter is of central importance in the series, which recently saw the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. Our adventures in the universe created by Square Enixhowever, they have not yet come to an end: the Kingdom Hearts 3 finale has indeed paved the way for intriguing questions, while soon we will have new news on the Re: Mind expansion.