Monster Hunter World After Iceborne: Capcom Explains How the Next-Gen Series Will Evolve

Monster Hunter World

During PAX West 2019, the producer of Monster Hunter World, Ryozo Tsujimoto, tried to turn his gaze to the future and, without considering the warm welcome of Iceborne, wanted Capcom’s plans for the landing of the series on PC and next-gen systems like PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

According to what was illustrated by Tsujimoto during the Seattle videogame festival, the head of Capcom and historical producer of Monster Hunter explains that “independent of the success of MHW, we have always tried to adopt an approach that would allow us to concentrate on two things, in particular, that is action and communication. Regardless of what we will work on in the future, therefore, I really believe that this is an approach that we will not change”.

“We also understand that we have a bigger fan base, adds Tsujimoto before pointing out the concept and stating that “yet there are still so many people who do not know the Monster Hunter franchise. Our approach will not change in the future, but yes it will only deal with understanding what to do to broaden our audience. For example, we could create more events or look at links with different forms of entertainment like movies, somehow we have to frame the Monster Hunter series from a broader perspective.

Regardless of the road that will be taken by Capcom to look to the future of Monster Hunter on PC and next-gen consoles, the present represented by Iceborne is radiant and promises to give an indefinable number of hours of fun to all those who wish to explore the Long stretches of the MHW expansion on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, waiting for the DLC to arrive on PC in January.