Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Guide and Tricks to Defeat Nargacuga

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

After having explained to you how to use the Rampino Claw, in this mini-guide of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne we will give you several useful tips to defeat Nargacuga, one of the bosses that you can face in the new DLC of the Capcom hunting game.

Appeared for the first time in Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, Nargacuga stands out for its great agility, a prudent nature and a rage mode that can put even the most experienced hunters in difficulty. The strong leg muscles allow him to cover large distances in the jump and effortlessly cross rough terrain, making it a real nightmare to deal with.

Keeping up with Nargacuga’s movements can be frustrating, and to get out of it alive you will need to prepare yourself well. Below we will give you some useful tips to defeat Nargacuga, telling you about the monster’s skills and weaknesses.

Narcacuga skill

Although Nargacuga can be categorized as a Flying Wyvern, most of its moves are geared to ground combat. This creature can throw the spines on its tail, causing enormous damage to hunters.

When the monster is enraged, his eyes light up red and the tips of his tail start to protrude. In rage mode, the speed of Narcacuga increases and its attack patterns become more sporadic. In this state, the aggressiveness of the monster could prove to be difficult to manage, but it will be the only occasion in which you can cut the tail of the beast and get an extra carving.

Tips and strategies to defeat Narcacuga

Nargacuga’s moves are based on the wings and spines of the tail. These attacks will offer short windows of time that hunters can exploit to inflict considerable damage on the monster. For example, the Wyvern’s tail shot can prove fatal, but being able to dodge it, you can unleash a flurry of attacks as Nargacuga tries to free his tail from the ground below. This move is easy to avoid, so be prepared to roll when the monster lifts its tail in the air.

To successfully cut the tail you must first break it, then physically cut it with non-blunt weapons during the rage of the beast. Cutting Nargacuga’s tail will allow you to get better rewards, reducing the monster’s overall attack range among other things.

Nargacuga’s long tail shots can cause bleeding. This nightmare effect makes hunters suffer small damage when they move, attack or dodge. If you do not have the objects necessary to stop the bleeding with you, you will be forced to squat down and remain completely still until the effect is exhausted. Even if you are sure that you are never affected by Nargacuga spines, we still advise you to bring healing objects to stop bleeding, so as to avoid frustrating deaths.

The agile nature of this combat can discourage many hunters from using slower Iceborne weapons like hammers and broadsword. However, the Ancient Forest is full of environmental dangers that you can exploit to disable the enemy: look for the various traps and suspended boulders scattered around the arena, or place one of you as one of the shocks. Capturing Nargacuga in one of these traps will give you time to unleash your energy-laden attacks and score hits, making the fight much more manageable for those who prefer to use the heavier weapons of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Finally, since Nargacuga is weak to the Thunder and Fire elements, the use of weapons made up of these elements is highly recommended, so as to maximize the damage inflicted on the beast.