NBA 2K20: Avalanche of Negative Reviews on Steam for Too Many Micro-Transactions

NBA 2K20

In recent weeks, NBA 2K20 has been criticized following the publication of a trailer that winked at casino-style game mechanics with a strong presence of microtransactions. The game is now out and on Steam has been literally bombarded with negative reviews.

The problems that afflict NBA 2K20 seem to be many in particular on PC , with the failure to deliver some promised bonuses during the pre-order and grueling uploads (so as to have pushed some players to rename it Loading Screen Simulator ) it was also discovered that by pressing Alt + Tab in the taskbar the game is called NBA 2K19, which has led many to think of a simple copy and paste of the previous version, with minimal differences.

The reviews report extremely invasive microtransactions in every respect, on Steam the overall rating is ” Extremely Negative ” with 1946 total reviews, 297 positive and 1649 negative, a really low average for an NBA 2K series game.

At the moment Take-Two and 2K Games have not intervened on the issue but it is unlikely that the publisher decides to remove the microtransactions, capable of generating a large flow of money as happened in the last two editions, particularly profitable from this point of view and still capable of to sell ten million copies despite negative criticism.