Need for Speed ​​Heat: The Gameplay Will Be Strongly Influenced by the Day / Night Cycle

Need for Speed ​​Heat

From the pages of the official PlayStation Blog, Gillen McAllister of SIEE illustrates one of the most relevant features of the game mechanics of Need for Speed ​​Heat, namely the influence of the day/night cycle in the activities we will have to participate in exploring the microcosm ( both arcade and simulation) ) of Palm City.

According to the Sony Interactive Entertainment executive, the authors of Ghost Games have linked every aspect of the new Need for Speed’s game with the cyclic alternation between day and night. Those who want to climb the digital rankings of Palm City drivers, in fact, will have to acquire the highest level of Heat, Bank, and Rep.

The first of these three elements, the Heat , is the one that gives the name to the game and represents the score multiplier that will rise according to the acrobatics and illegal activities that we perform in night competitions, all with the awareness that by increasing the Heat of our alter-ego we will also see the aggressiveness of the policemen grow.

Those who want to become familiar with Heat will have to constantly improve their Rep, that is the level of the player: to increase the reputation it will be necessary to participate in night events and unlock, in doing so, the spare parts with which to enhance and develop their car.

The purchase of spare parts, however, can be made exclusively through the Bank, the currency obtained by completing the daytime events. The particular system devised by Ghost Games will make it necessary to switch from day to night at any time, but not before reaching one of the hiding places scattered on the map. What do you think of this system? The launch of Need for Speed ​​Heat is scheduled for November 8 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.