Ni No Kuni on Nintendo Switch: The Retail Version Will Have a Splendid Reversible Cover


The social channels of Bandai Namco confirm that the physical version of Ni No Kuni: The Threat of the Cinerea Witch for Nintendo Switch will feature a magnificent reversible cover, the same that you can see on top and at the bottom of the news.

Currently available in pre-order from the main retailers, the Switch version of Ni No Kuni will boast a reversible cover featuring the main actors of the fantasy adventure lived by the brave little boy Oliver and the inseparable companion Lucciconio, the “fairy” from the always ready joke and strictly in Roman dialect.

Here, Ni No Kuni will be available on Nintendo Switch starting Friday, September 20, ie on the same day that the marketing of Ni No Kuni Remastered for PC and PS4 is expected. The Switch version of the unforgettable Roleplay epic of Level-5 will offer a resolution of 720p and a framerate at 30fps, with a complete reformulation of the menus and commands according to the different button layout of the two Joy-Con’s of the Nintendo hybrid console and the possibility of playing both in docked and portable mode.

As for the remastered version of Ni No Kuni, Bandai Namco’s masterpiece can be enjoyed in 1080p and 60fps on standard PS4, in 4K and 30fps or 1440p and 60fps on PS4 Pro and with resolution and frames unlocked on PC. Both on PC and on PlayStation 4, the title will boast more defined textures, a richer range of particle effects, smoother animations and a better lighting system.