Nintendo Switch VR: A Virtual Reality Viewer Coming?

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Nintendo may soon start to get serious about Virtual Reality. After the introduction a few months ago of the Labo VR Kit, the Let’s GO Digital website has discovered a new patent from the Japanese giant for an additional model of the viewer to be used with Nintendo Switch.

It is a viewer rather similar to the cardboard version of the Labo kit, and therefore can only be used in portable mode. The patent also shows that he will be physically attached to the Switch, which will not have a headband, and which will mount two speakers at the sides.

The Joy-Con can be attached to the console so they can be used while at the same time wearing the visor. Let’s GO Digital has also provided some first images of the alleged new viewer, which you can see at the bottom of the news.

It seems therefore to be an “enhanced” version or in any case with more resistant materials than the Nintendo Labo cardboard kit, but still lacking the official character of Nintendo, it is still too early to hypothesize its characteristics and methods of use.

The fact is, however, that after a period in which the Japanese giant seemed little interested in Virtual Reality, the Grande N seems finally ready to take the field. What do you think?