Pokemon Masters: Guide to the best units Attacker, Helper and Technician


To become skilled Pokemon Masters coaches, it will be of fundamental importance to exploit the new system of Units. In this mini-guide we will explain how to best use them, using the best Units in the respective roles of Attacker, Helper and Technician.

The Unit consists of a pair formed by the coach and his own Pokemon, to be deployed during the fight. Each of them can belong to three roles: Attacker, Assistant and Technician. Below we explain how and when to use the Units of each role, indicating the best couplings currently available for each category.

Best Attacker Units

The Attacking Units have a very high attack value and a special attack, but with a smaller amount of health points available. They are very useful for putting down opponents in a short time, provided you don’t expose yourself too much to danger. The best Units belonging to this category are the following:

  • Noland & Mega Pinsir
  • Brendan & Treecko
  • Karen & Mega Houndoom
  • Barry & Empoleon

Best Assistant Units

The Assistant Unit appears as a sort of tank, with many health points available, lower attack power and several useful passive abilities. The exact opposite of the Attacker role. Below we list the best Units belonging to this category:

  • Rosa & Serperior
  • Hilbert & Oshawott

Best Technical Units

The Technical Unit is the only one able to inflict state alterations on the adversaries (for example by procuring poisoning). It is also very useful for blocking the most powerful attacks directed at your Pokemon. The best Units in this category are the following:

  • Koga & Crobat
  • Crasher Wake & Floatzel
  • Agatha & Mega Gengar

To get you this Unit, it will be very useful to read our mini-guide explaining how Evolutions and Mega Evolutions work in Pokemon Masters. If you need advice and suggestions for all the main aspects of the game, don’t forget to check out our Pokemon Masters Strategy Guide.