R6 Dreamhack Montreal: The G2 Bad, the North American Revenge

R6 DreamHack

The Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack of Montreal ended with a bang, crowning Team SoloMid absolute champion. The North American education received 30,000 dollars of the 75,000 offered and not only: a place in the exclusive club of the Six Invitational 2020.

For TSM, the slot in the Six Invitational 2020 is another opportunity to be seen on an international stage. North America needed to redeem itself at this event after a disappointing Six Major in Raleigh to say the least, last month.

Securing a slot in the Six Invitational has undoubtedly raised the Stars and Stripes fans, who can look more serenely at the February world championship that will close the 2019 season.

DarkZero Esports, Evil Geniuses, Rogue, Soniqs and Spacestation Gaming was the other formations of the NA region to move to the direct elimination phase of the Canadian event, all of which then fell miserably. It must also be said that the teams present at the event had extra help: the legendary G2 Esports is now unrecognizable.

They lost against the Liquid (even arrived in the final eliminating even the Evil Geniuses) and against the BDS Esports. Eliminated for group stages. It hasn’t happened for quite a while and this opens up quite a few questions about the future of the roster as we know it.

The TSMs, on the other hand, have shown truly unsuspected effectiveness, for a team (ex Excelerate Gaming) that have never made huge figures outside the US territory.