RAGE 2: Bethesda reveals the release date and contents of the DLC The Advent of the Ghosts


As anticipated during the QuakeCon 2019, the authors of the Avalanche Studios and the boys of id Software are preparing to expand the already huge Devastated Zone of RAGE 2 with the DLC The Advent of the Ghosts.

The next additional content of the Bethesda open-world shooter will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting Thursday, September 26th and will allow us to immerse ourselves in the dark-hued atmospheres of a new adventure that will run parallel to the main campaign events.

To give the name to this expansion will be the Ghosts, the cruel members of a clan of cannibals that uses radioactive feltritis to increase their abilities and use them against the tribes against them. The danger represented by the advent of the Ghosts will oblige the hero of RAGE 2, the indomitable ranger Walker, to deviate from the path traced by the plot to reach the Fallow City, a new region of the Devastated Zone full of mystery and, of course, challenges to deal with.

The Advent of the Ghosts, id Software and Avalanche will also introduce a new weapon, the Feltrite Laser that incinerates enemies with a lethal ray powered by the extraterrestrial mineral. Always thanks to the next DLC that will enrich the narrative and playful experience of the post-apocalypse of RAGE 2, we will be able to acquire a new vehicle, the Ghost motorcycle , and an unprecedented ability, Empty , which will allow users to lift the designated target in the air and keep it suspended to link the powers already learned throughout history.