Rod Fergusson: The Gears Series Was Dying, Microsoft Brought It Back to Life

Gears 5

Interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter to promote the release of Gears 5, Rod Fergusson of The Coalition spoke of the past, present and future of the franchise, reiterating how Gears represents one of the flagship series of the Microsoft catalog.

The goal of Microsoft and The Coalition is to further grow the brand after resurrecting it from a creative and commercial limbo: ” We started a journey with Gears 4 and now I feel that we have taken the right path. My work from 2014 to today is was also to understand how to bring this series back to life.After Gears of War 3 Epic Games put the series on the shelf in fact letting it die, in 2014 we acquired the rights and we started working to bring the Gears universe back to life “There is a word that everyone hates and it is Transmedia, but I do not deny that the goal is to further expand the range of the series by not limiting itself to video games. “

Judging by the reception given to Gears 5, Rod Fergusson and his team seem to have succeeded in bringing new light to the series.