Super Mario 64 Maker: the community asks for a level editor for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario 64

The incredible welcome received from Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch led several users of the ResetEra videogame forum to “join forces” to ask Nintendo to create a level editor set in the legendary Super Mario universe as soon as possible 64.

Already in July 2017, an enthusiast tried to create a fan-made version of Super Mario 64 Maker, only to suddenly abandon the project to avoid being lent by Nintendo lawyers. The new initiative carried out by the users of the popular ResetEra forum has already collected many subscriptions both among members of the same portal and by fans active on the main social networks, with many enthusiasts hoping to launch a petition that will prompt Nintendo to take action as soon as possible to make a Mario Maker dedicated exclusively to the Nintendo 64 cult platform.

The three-dimensional nature of the levels of Super Mario 64, in any case, should push the Nintendo developers to approach the project in a different way than with the Super Mario Maker series. Consequently, we do not know how much a similar idea can be really feasible, especially considering the obstacles that the Kyoto house should overcome in order to guarantee the widest accessibility and usability of the tools linked to a hypothetical Super Mario themed level editor 64.

If you appreciate this kind of creative experience, then you will certainly enjoy watching this video dedicated to the best five levels inspired by the world of gaming on Nintendo Switch by Super Mario Maker 2 fans.