The Witcher 3: The New Video Shows the Improvements of the Titanic Graphic Mod HD Reworked

The Witcher 3

The HD Reworked of The Witcher 3 is one of the most famous and downloaded mods by fans of the CD Projekt fantasy colossal. The programmer Halk Hogan PL, as a result, reminds us that he is still working on this project and reaffirms the concept by showing us a video with updates to update 11.

Unlike other amateur projects that aim to upset the dynamics of gameplay or to enrich them with so many new elements as promised by the authors of ESR Overhaul, the HD Reworked mod by Halk Hogan PL was created to remain in the artistic groove traced by the Polish developers through integration of an infinity of very high resolution textures .

As we can see in the explanatory video at the beginning of the article, version 11.0 of The Witcher 3’s HD Reworked mod takes care to enrich the architectural and natural structures that line the landscape of CD Projekt’s open-world GDR masterpiece.

Also, thanks to the new update, the mod in question should have less impact on VRAM and system resources, all with the same graphic settings thanks to a laborious optimization process that involved normal maps and visual element textures ” recurrent “like the foliage of trees.

In the hope of knowing the launch date of the free HD Reworked mod update, we remind you that the CD Projekt roleplay blockbuster will soon arrive on Nintendo Switch: in this regard, on these pages you can find out how The Witcher 3 arrived on Switch, with a focus on the technological challenges faced by Polish authors in transposing this giant role-playing game on Nintendo’s hybrid console.