World of Warcraft Classic: goodbye to the glitch that made it possible to duplicate the loot

World of Warcraft Classic

With the problems of launching now behind them, World of Warcraft Classic players has finally been able to immerse themselves with everything in the realms created by the boys of Blizzard Entertainment fifteen years ago. Apparently, during their run-up at level 60, some of them found a decidedly inviting glitch.

Taking advantage of the system of a layer of the kingdoms, it was possible to duplicate the booty found or obtained after the killing of the mobs. All you had to do was a switch from one layer to another. Why do we talk about it in the past? Simple: Blizzard Entertainment, following the numerous reports of players annoyed by the abuse of this practice by a certain user fringe, intervened with a hotfix to put a stop to all this. From now on, whenever a player passes from one layer to another, he will see the time necessary for a further step to increase, even more, if he tries to make the change several times in a short period of time.

In games like this, as complex as they are crowded, it is not difficult to find “cracks” thanks to which it is possible to obtain advantages. Fortunately, the developers have already solved.