Borderlands 3, Awaiting the Review: Reception of the International Press

Borderlands 3

Although the launch of Borderlands 3 is imminent, many European journalists have not yet received a copy of the game.

Many colleagues from overseas and not, in any case, have already been able to put themselves in the shoes of the four Hunters of the Crypt to sow destruction around the universe. Apparently, they have even milled enough hours of play to make a judgment. As we write to you, the long-awaited effort of Gearbox boasts a Meta Score of 86 on the well-known Metacritic aggregator, calculated based on 17 reviews. The ratings range from 95 assigned by XGN to the severe 63 of the PC Gamer editorial staff. Below is a brief selection :

  • XGN – 95
  • Hobby Consolas – 94
  • PC Games – 90
  • Meristation – 90
  • IGN Spain – 90
  • Forbes – 90
  • Destructoid – 90
  • GameStar – 88
  • Game Informer – 80
  • GameSpot – 80
  • PC Gamer – 63

The votes, as you can see, are mostly positive. A PC Gamer, in any case, does not seem to have gone to the bugs the genius, the lackluster jokes, a little in-depth end-game (reached, together with the level-cap, after 30 hours of game) and that which is definitive as ” the most insipid story “ of the franchise. For a more detailed overview, we advise you to follow the link at the bottom of this news. Borderlands 3 will be launched on September 13th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (exclusively on Epic Games Store). In the meantime, we explain how to get the first 3 gold keys.